mouthpiece air flow holes

  • High quality herb leaves mouth piece holes clogged with un-fully burned sticky terpenes. After a MAX of two chambers, the mouthpiece is rendered useless and has to be cleaned. Drag the tool across across to clear debris, only to have holes jammed up. Not good AT ALL for your selling, I included the proper sized lp gas nozzle reamer for the size holes that needs to be cleared in the mouthpiece in order to continue enjoying the XS GO. I keep the reamer in the canister that hangs on my keychain for my "meds." (i.e., extra for later).

    Great lightweight quickie on the go vape. Great air flow when holes aren't clogged, unlike my davanci for some reason.


  • @cjudy Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it. You may also use the extra screen chamber to cover the herbs before vaping to prevent the herbs from getting inside the mouthpiece and eventually clogged the mouthpiece. Don't forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get the newest promo and freebies! Happy #AirVaping!

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