Literally don't smoke any other way...

  • I own and love an Airvape X SE Black and Gold. This is my main way of smoking weed. I run it through my bong with my adapter and I love every second of it. The only thing I felt was lacking was the battery life so to rectify I went ahead and bought a 20100MAh battery bank from Anker off Amazon for like $50. I could probably run the vape 30 times before it dies.

  • @cap Thank you for sharing your thoughts about AirVape X, we really appreciate it and your opinion counts. For the battery, you should at least get 20 minutes of vaping session on a full battery and on continuous use. If you are getting lower than the said time, please send us an email at To assist you regarding this matter. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Happy #AirVaping!

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