Airvape XS GO | Robust

  • Length of Service: Just after mid Jan to the present.
    Usage Frequency: Daily. Except one.

    When occasion demands on demand discreetness, the XS GO is very palmable. Any heat generated is tolerable to endure while you ninja yourself out of any compromising situation.

    I'm uncertain if I can legally, let alone logically, say that this is the only device in my rotation, since the word rotation implies more than one.

    I am certain, that given the amount of information availabe on various portable vaporizers, I made the optimal decision for a dry herb, portable, discrete unit under $100 USD. I've read thoughts covering the cons of a non-replaceable battery and short battery life. But, pass-through charging is available and if dead, is fully charged within an hour. Sound tradeoffs were made in the engineering of it. I, like many others, appreciate well thought out design. Housed inside the vape is a stirring tool. The colors are of a darker nonreflective possibly matte finish. Easy to clean yet demands habitual cleaning.

    I can't comment under oath on vapor quality, cloud production, chamber size taste vis-a-vis other portable vaporizers as I haven't owned any globally known name brand units. A brief moment of silence for my former vaporizer, as it no longer powers on. It was laid to rest months ago in a better place. A dresser drawer selected at random.

    My primary reason for writing this review months later is the robustness of this well looked after XS GO. Earlier this week, I noticed a crack on the corner of the mouthpiece. This affected my daily routine, my daily wellbeing as well as my nightly wellbeing for it kept me up well past midnight and distraught the following day.

    However, when involving a reputable company such as Apollo in your life, one tends to recall at odd hours, that they do have a direct website to purchase their products from at anytime. I did get some shuteye after purchasing a mouthpiece.

    Hours later, under quarantine, additional worries began to set in. Is the device still vape worthy, let alone safe to use? Two parts fear and one part cowardice were enough to convince me to go without for that day. A blemished record that will follow me either to the grave or until I have forgotten about it.

    The following day I summoned the turmene like fortitude needed to look beyond fear, overcome cowardness and vape. And... it... still... worked.

    That evening with the XS GO, I began to do some soul searching while eating soulfood. Do I really need that mouthpiece that was promptly shipped, along with the shell at 50% off? Yes! Do I need another vaporizer? Essentially, that's a soft no, but, I would like the Airvape Legacy to arrive soon. Is the vaping experience better on the Airvape X? I don't know. I know that when I need to feel better, the XS GO is the conduit to relief.

    I firmly believe that the individual or team behind the design of the XS GO, likely watched at least 3 episodes of MacGuyver (original or reboot) and at least one Rambo movie. If hiking wasn't illegal, this is the one vaporizer I would carry with me. Coupled with the XS GO shell's inner compartment for botanical like garden splendor, I'm lost for socially acceptable words. Shiiiiiiiiiiiieeedt

    I know I'm late to the afterparty, but I always wanted to say this.

    Structural integrity of mouthpiece compromised, (upon closer inspection gasket too). XS GO still goes.

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