Wax Concentrate Pad Removal

  • Maybe I am missing something, but is the wax concentrate pad removable for cleaning? If so do I just soak it in alcohol? Also is the concentrate pad for the Xs Go the same as the one for the Air Vape X?

  • administrators

    @rymcgovern Hi! Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, the wax pad is reusable. You just have to remove it using the tweezers that came with the cleaning kit and submerge it in hot water util the wax dissolves, after that put it on a clean cloth and let it air dry. The wax pad of the AirVape X and XS Go are different as they have different chamber size. We also have sent a reply to your email inquiry.

  • I noticed that concentrate gets caked/stains onto the ceramic bowl and the nylon brush does not effectively remove them. Is there a tip/trick to cleaning the concentrate stains?

  • administrators

    Hi, we sent the reply to your email so we can avoid confusion.