Unique cleaning and tamping tool!

  • I have discovered a great new tool for my Airvape X. I use both ends of a large “nappy pin”. 😳
    Firstly, I attach the safety pin to the little cleaning brush, which I was constantly losing.☹️ The pin has a coloured plastic cap on the opening end which makes it easier to find.👍
    Secondly, I use the smaller end of the pin to poke out the old herb. It’s perfect for the job! 👍
    Thirdly, I Use the larger end, with the coloured cap, to tamp down the herb in the ceramic chamber. It’s perfect for this job, too!👍
    What a handy little tool it has turned out to be!😃 Give it a try, fellow vapers!
    Nappy pins are available everywhere with pink, blue or white caps to suit everyone’s taste!
    PS. Any large safety pin would do in a pinch but a nappy pin is the Rolls Royce version.

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