Airvape XS Review

  • Been an Airvape XS owner for about four years now. There is much to love about it, and a few inconveniences.

    For the price at the time it really was among the top vapes. Clean tasting, easy to use, the digital temperature control on point. One of my biggest issues with the original Airvape XS is the mouthpiece. The rubber isn't secure, the mouthpiece comes off easily and the metal screen and glass tube were not easy to clean at all. Over time, that started to become a big issue.

    However, it has lasted me four years and the taste always remained clean. Overall, happy with the purchase, and excited to see that they tackled the mouthpiece issue with newer versions. Will definitely purchase from apollo again as it seems they continue to improve!

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful review!

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