Hard to find any major flaws

  • Re: What would you like to see in a future AirVape? ⚡🤖 💨

    I have an airvape X for last 2 years, it has just been fabulous.

    The battery has finally died after everyday usage, but totally satisfied with 2 years of usage. Perfectly clean vape with amazing flavour. Discreet and engineered to highest standards and quality.

    A lot of users have mentioned 'cleaning' as an issue, I ve noticed that it is easier to maintain, if you dump the chamber contents when the device is still hot after last use. I use a Q-tip soaked in iso on the chamber once a week and that seems to do the job pretty well. Some herbs are more sticky than others, so it also matters where and what you are vaping.

    One gripe would be lack of spares. The screen mesh in the bottom of the chamber will need replacing once every few months, it is not an expensive item and could be shipped with a few extra screens. I had to find similar mesh and cut it out to fit the airvape x. Also the ceramic mouthpiece broke off after a small fall, still usable though.

    And any improvements I can think of, has been incorporated in the 'Legacy'. Waiting eagerly for my next airvape unit. Bless you guys! 👍 👏

  • Thank you so much for your detailed feedback and suggestions! We greatly appreciate it.

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