Airvape XS, and XS Go and OM

  • I have every major vaporizer on the market, as well as some more obscure brands that are some of the best made.

    First, loose leaf, is amazing in every category: taste, vapor production, ease of use, and the devices ability to vaporize all the material in the chamber.

    Concentrates are where the Airvape X blows away the competition. It just seems to keep going and going. I’ve accidentally overloaded it, which has destroyed other vaporizers. Not the Airvape. The pad is easy to remove, which is super important when it comes to cleaning.

    Dual use considered, the Airvape X excels beyond ALL the big names... Pax, Davinci, S&B.

    I was so impressed with the overall quality of the device itself, I bought the XS Go and OM. The Legacy is now at the top of my list for a birthday present next week. Hoping the wife gets me one.

    Thank you for all the hard work. The X helps me get the most from my medicine! I

  • I concur. Out of all my high-end vapes (S&B, Zeus, Davinci, Firefly to name a few) I truly enjoy my X.

  • Hi @whessel ! Thank you so much for your detailed review! Have a great day and stay safe!

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