AirVape Legacy

  • Any update on shipping? Has anyone received their pre-order?

  • @thejuanald We are sorry if this is how you feel. Please let our customer service team help you with your order. Could you please provide us with your email address or send us an email at Thank you!

  • @jdballinger this is for us to better assist you and provide you information about your order.

  • I also got my shipping confirmation last night, and USPS tracking confirms it's been handed off for delivery. I hate to think it was me being a squeaky wheel that got the ball rolling, so here's hoping that things are getting better for them in this area. Thanks to anyone who assisted me thus far!

  • @thejuanald I just did as well. Hoping that our complaints finally got heard. It should have never gotten to this point.

  • @bern I just got my shipping confirmation this evening. Thank you for responding.

  • Update: I got the shipping notification! I still feel the whole process has been really bad, and I hope the company does better next time.

  • @Bern are you forwarding these comments to the appropriate department (not customer service)? This has been one of the worst experiences in purchasing anything that I've ever had.

  • @Bern What is the point of telling people to send their order number and personal contact information to the Customer Service email? Customer service has yet to provide anyone with any information that is different from the standard "we don't have info until it's shipped from the warehouse" response. I responded to an email almost exactly like this today, and even after asking for SPECIFIC information, was parroted back again that no information can be provided, to keep waiting, and my order would be fulfilled at some point "soon" (I'm in the batch that supposedly was being filled starting July 29th.)

    The fact that your company has zero capacity to actually provide info once an order has been placed is unconscionable in 2020. You need to do better for your customers.

  • Hi @DoubleNicks! Thank you for reaching out to us and we would like to help you further. Could please provide us with your full name, order number and email? We'll provide this information over to our customer success team to further assist you with your concern right away.

  • @bern Are those of us that are still waiting for some real information about receiving our AirVape Legacy going to get an answer from someone other than yourself or Customer Service or are we just being ignored now. I have to say, it feels like we are being ignored because your company has no answers and is tired of hearing from us.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thejuanald Totally agree.

  • @jdballinger You are dead on with this post. How much effort does it take to place a product that is already packaged, place it into a box, slap a shipping label on it the get it to the post office? Assuming the order numbers are exactly sequential, I’m over a 1,000 out from the starting order number range we were given. When is the CEO, Roland, going to acknowledge this epic failure by his company and do something to ramp up their shipping. It’s not like they haven’t been paid by those of us who pre-ordered this vape.

  • @thejuanald Same here. I saw your latest post and still nothing from anyone in a position of authority from this company about why with they supposedly receiving product on a July 29th that none of us within those order numbers have even received a confirmation of shipping. Totally unacceptable. We just kept getting lip service but no specifics.

  • Order 20813302 here, and I've heard nothing, but I think we really need better engagement from Customer Service. There are obvious issues with distribution and nobody is acknowledging just how bad they are.

    Per the emails, they were supposed to start shipping for orders 20813098 - 20816858 on July 29th, a Wednesday. Let's assume only business day shipping happens. That means they have spent 8 days shipping since then. That means (based on the starting order number plus my own) that they have shipped LESS than 203 units in the last 8 days.

    That's 25 or less per day. If they had shipped 204, I would have a shipping email by now. That hasn't happened. It really feels like there is a single person shipping things, and even then they are taking their time. 25 units per day, in an 8-hour shift, equates to almost 20 minutes per unit shipped, AND THAT'S WITH ONE PERSON SHIPPING!

    Can we PLEASE get some transparency around this issue?

  • Still nothing on Order # 20814012 as of today.

  • @bern yes, I wanted to clarify that I don't necessarily think it is an issue with customer service, as they can only give the information they have. I would expect, however, that the concerns are escalated so the appropriate group can be aware that they are not being transparent enough.

  • @thejuanald We are truly sorry for the lack of communication, we were not prepared for the delays we have encountered with the Legacy, we tried to be as transparent as possible but the problem we had is with the communication with different departments and we would not want to confuse our customers which is why we waited till we have more information so we can make sure that we are providing the correct information to you.

  • @doublenicks completely agree. The piece looks awesome but it has been handled so poorly with the lack of communication, missed dates and flippant responses from customer service. I would be perfectly fine with delays if they were being transparent, but they have been terrible at communicating anything.

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