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    I finally received my pre-ordered Legacy.

  • @mdshw5 You're welcome! Hope everything will be resolved. 🙂

  • @mdshw5 Thank you for the detailed feedback! We greatly appreciate it!

  • @jackblack09 Wow! Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We are happy to have brought you the effects and quality you have been looking for. Happy vaping!

  • I received my pre-order Legacy at long last yesterday. Initial impressions: a fairly solid, weighty device, but the build quality and finish isn't quite up to that of my Airvape X. Since this is an early production run and they are struggling to get them out the door, some things probably got past QC that wouldn't otherwise like some finish imperfections (bubbling on the plastic) and what appears to be a small chip on the mouthpiece. Neither of these things affect the operation, so no harm, no foul (especially since I got a good pre-order deal).

    In terms of operation, getting a good pull is a bit different than with the Airvape X. On that, my method was to "sip" and take small pulls. I found that since the heating chamber was right at the top near the mouthpiece, this helped keep the vapor on the cooler side. With the Legacy, you need to take a long, slow pull to get the best effect. There isn't much draw resistance, lighter than with my Airvape X even when it is freshly cleaned.

    What I am struggling with is how to load the ground herb without getting it all over the place, and how to get rid the AVB out of the chamber and into my spent herb canister (for making into edibles) without making a huge mess. @Bern any suggestions on this? With my Airvape X, I could (without a mess) dump some ground herb directly in the chamber from my Vitavac , and when I was done, I could just pull off the mouthpiece and tap it out into my spent herb canister, then lightly brush out the chamber. This just doesn't work well with the loading of the Legacy. Is there a little tool I could use to scoop it in? If anyone has any good suggestions, I am all ears.


  • @bern Thanks I’ve already reached out over email and have just sent a video showing various cables and chargers. Thanks again!

  • @mdshw5 Hi! We our sorry to hear about what happened and our customer service team would love to help you out with this. May we have your email address so they may reach out to you?

  • @mdshw5 mine works fine with any usb A to C cord I use. I have 4 different ones for my phone and my wife's phone and they all work to charge it. Are you sure you are plugging it in all the way? I realized it wasn't charging the first time I plugged it in, and I noticed it could go in further and then it started working.

  • I just used mine with the micro dosing basket and the performance is great. I’ve been a happy user of the X but I now see that the Legacy is many times more powerful and has a better vapor quality. One thing about the micro dosing basket I’m not crazy about is it sits on top of the oven gasket and props the front flap open ever so slightly. I don’t think that’s a problem based on how the vape seals it’s air path but it isn’t as refined an experience as the rest of the product. Really great job on the design and build quality!0_1597365553182_0C3031A1-7D66-4360-9361-75F60C58A265.jpeg

  • I finally got the AirVape Legacy. It was well worth the wait! I used it right out of the box. I was actually able to feel the effects of vaporizing CBD which I haven’t been able to do without the temperature and time controls that the legacy has. I love the design and feel. I’m very happy and mellow!0_1597355152642_252898CE-E57F-4104-AA01-EDF0B7CC2423.jpeg

  • I received mine today as well. First thing I’ve noticed is that I can only charge the device wirelessly or with the USB-A to USB-C cable that came with the device. I’ve tried four other USB-C chargers with three USB-C cables and none of them initiate charging. Is this a known behavior or maybe just something affecting my unit?

  • Hi @thejuanald we are happy to hear you got yours too. Please let us know what you think about the Legacy, we are excited to know your experience! Happy vaping!

  • @chaunceys got mine too! I will test it out tonight

  • Wow! Thank you for the update! We are happy to hear you finally got your Legacy! How was it?

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