Airvape X Review

  • It must have been a couple of years ago that I started searching for a good Vape for dry herb. I had a couple criteria:
    I wanted the Vape to be affordable, I wanted it to be convection, and have an adjustable temperature. I begin my search and soon enough after browsing a bunch of Reddit forms found out about the air Vape X. After having had this Vape for roughly 2 years, I can say that is one of the best vaping experiences I have ever had. I have used everything from pax, magic flight box, Volcano, airizer, DynaVap. All things considered, air Vape really killed it. Plus, they give an amazing warranty as well as the trade-in bonus.

    I recommended it to a friend who ordered roughly a week ago. He tried it for the first time an hour prior to writing this And absolutely loves it.


  • Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We greatly appreciate it!

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