Airvape Legacy

  • I just received my Legacy today and when I opened the box I was totally impressed with the look and build quality of the unit. I'm doing a burn off now of any oils or gases and will be using this tonight. The only problem I see is the door does not fit flush when you put the dosing basket in the chamber. Hopefully this issue can be corrected.


    John Gill


  • @doublenicks Hi! We are sorry to hear about what happened and I'm sure our customer service team will be able to help you with this! We were very particular with the quality of the devices we sell to our customers, the AirVape Legacy went through thorough quality check prior to its release. We hope everything gets resolved for you soon.

  • Hi John, Thank you for your feedback and for raising this matter about the micro dosing basket to our attention. We have raised this to our engineering team and we will update you as soon as we have more information about it. Also, we would love to hear what you think about the Legacy! Would you be interested in leaving a google review here:!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c2bb70199eed85:0x925cab79796aa58c?

    Or to facebook:

  • I am having more issues that what you are experiencing. Getting virtually no output from the unit except vape out of the bottom of the air intake at the bottom of the unit. I've sent an email to customer service requesting a refund. I just don't feel that this product was fully vetted by AirVape before they launched it.

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