• I will pass on reciting what you already know; Airvape is already the best and leading manufacturer of vaping devices hands down. However, I barely knew that before buying and using my Airvape X. It wasn't until I decided to pay it forward and invest in their newest and what could be the final product of the century - The Legacy. I say COULD be because it solves every problem I could come up with when it comes to flower vaporizers. In fact, there are some added benefits I need to get used to in order for me to maximize my experience. The first is I get more out of my herb. It is so efficient, it extracts even more medicine from the flower. Sure, my ABV is less potent, but that ISN'T a goal. The goal is to vape it to almost nothing, and The Legacy does just that! Also, it NEVER gives hot vapor!! Even the infamous Airvape X got hot after a while. Not The Legacy. It is so cool, I have to check my exhale just to make sure it is cooking, which it does in nearly half the time of the X and five times faster than those cheapie ones that taste like plastic. Did I mention there are NO plastic surfaces touching the chamber? Beyond all the best functionality in the industry, it is great to hold, and looks great inside and out. The sturdy metal enclosure closes neatly and securely. When you easily open it, you are greeted with a beautiful gold plated bowl and air passage entry way. The dedicated air passage starts on the bottom, goes through the bowl, and connects to a glass tube safely yet easily removed from its nest inside.I have NEVER had a vaporizer battery last this long, so I can't recommend a spare battery, yet. With the potency of new herb and concentrates, I do not I will EVER use up the battery in one day. The only feature I could add if it were possible would be automatic cleaning!! ☺ So, thank you Airvape for ending my vaporizer search!!!

  • Hi thank you so much for your detailed feedback! Reading it made our day! Thank you for choosing AirVape! Have a great day and stay safe! Happy vaping!

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