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  • How to efficiently use the Legacy?

  • @maki There is a very small screen above the chamber. The airpath filter. Remove any gunk covering it.

  • @kahel Ya. I have the same problem. I'm thinking about cutting off the solid rim and just use the wire part. Hopefully, they will send us a better one!!

  • @kahel We are sorry you are having issues with the micro dosing basket, we have raised this to our engineering team and they will be working on a new micro dosing basket that will be sent out soon.

  • @maki We are sorry to hear you are having issues with your Legacy! Could you please check the mouthpiece and the glass tube to make sure nothing is blocking the vapor and everything is assembled properly. Here is a link to help you with assembling your unit and here is a link on how to use it Youtube Video

  • @cusamo17 Thank you for your detailed feedback! We will be sending your suggestion about the case, so we may look into offering that in the future. Here's a link to help you with cleaning the AirVape Legacy, Youtube Video

  • The micro dosing basket doesn't fit with the legacy, is this normal or am I just unlucky?

  • Well its about time. I'm getting no draws from the device what gives? I thought this is a great device? I was really looking forward on getting it now I'm just disappointed.

  • In general, it seems to be about the same care and use methods as any other device, but I HAVE found some distinct differences. First of all, if you're using flower, DO NOT go over about 430 f. That's already pretty high for bud, but this device will kick on high if you draw real hard at any temp increasing the convection effect and increasing the temp way above the setting. It causes combustion without fire and a bad taste! Kinda like burned popcorn only worse. You also need to turn it off to cool and stir the bowl. There will ALWAYS be some fleck of unvaped hanging around the rim and the bowl lid. Use the handy tool and scrape them in and off the chamber lid by closing it halfway so it is hovering over the bowl. Then, scrape the unvaped stuff in the bowl and tamp. Ready to finish, and it will! This thing takes it down to less than a fourth of what you put in. Also, all devices get clogged with goo. It looks like the pinch points for that on this one is in two places; the tiny screen going into the airway, and the circular bowl lid with tiny holes in it. So far, I haven't found a way to get it real clean. I was hoping it came apart there, but it looks like it is stuck there. Somehow we need to get those tiny holes clean so the air can pass through them and under the bowl lid to the gasket and then to the tiny gold screen. Kinda complicated, but all those other devices failed at this point. This design seems more sustainable overall. I liked the X because it had a case and the smell was contained. This one will cause odor if you leave it out to charge. I have a large box and lid where I put everything stinky and run the charge cord in it. Overall, I feel like I can take this anywhere and have a great experience since it is so durable and has a long battery life. Happy vaping!!

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