Airvape X & initial thoughts on the Legacy

  • Two parts here: my thoughts on the X and the Legacy (which I just received a couple of days ago)

    X: Nice build quality, good packaging, and I appreciate the accessories & parts that are included i the box. The included hard case is definitely nice, smellproof and apparently waterproof (though I havent tested it). The unit itself is super simple to use, feels great to hold, and produces a consistent, good-quality vapor (as long as it's not too tightly packed). Battery life seems pretty meh, and I wish the battery was user-replaceable - since it needs frequent charging, that's a lot of cycles, so I'm not sure how long it will keep its already not-stellar capacity). Overall, I'm very happy with it.

    Legacy: After really enjoying the X and seeing the Legacy on the site, I figured 'well if the X is this good, then the Legacy must be amazing". Unfortunately, aside from the physical qualities of the device itself, it's been rather disappointing. The Legacy is beautifully constructed - nice materials, excellent weight and balance. Using it, however, there are some issues:

    • The microdosing basket does not sit properly, meaning the door cant close all the way, leading to the air path not working as intended. I emailed customer svc about this, and they acknowledged that it is a known problem that they are addressing, and let me know theyd send me a replacement basket (that I assume addresses the issue)
    • So far, i've been experiencing VERY uneven heating, where the material closest to the (heated) chamber vents is basically combusted and material further away appears untouched
    • Vapor production is very minimal compared to the same material used in the X

    I've emailed customer service about my other issues (heating and vapor) and am waiting to hear back from them. I'm REALLY hoping that the unit I got is just defective, because I really want to like the device just because it looks and feels so nice... Hoping to hear back from them soon, and I'll update when I do.

  • thank you for your detailed feedback! We will follow up with customer service regarding your concern.

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