• With our new AirvapeX, the grind only seems to have good flavor for the first 2 hits and then it goes to the 'burnt' tobacco taste. When opening the chamber, the weed looks like tobacco. Is this normal and is this tobacco looking pot still good to light up in a regular bowl and smoke it? New to this dry vaping, so any input would help. Thanks so much.

  • @cusamo17 Good to know. Thanks

  • I would agree with your experience, especially in the beginning. Unfortunately, vaping delivers a different style that can take some getting used to. At first, I was setting the temp too high. I think I was still coming off of smoking. It took me awhile to get used to the lighter feel at lower temps if I wanted to have that sweet taste. Otherwise, the thing just gets too hot for its own good. I'm now using the Legacy and have learned to use even lower temps. The cheapies wouldn't break down the product, but the Airvape devices WILL take it down at least to a fourth of the amount you start with.

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