Questions from a Newbie

  • Hi,

    I just purchased the Airvape X and have never vaped flower before. These may be a silly questions. Once I'm done with a vape session should I expect to have flower left over or should there be nothing left? If, I have flower left over can I vape it later or should I throw it out?

    Take Care

  • @T51 THC is not eliminated through vaping and if you wish to re use your material, that would be okay, it would still depend on your preference.

  • @social-assassin I have the same question. There is most all of the herb left inside the chamber after it's burned out. Not sure if you could transfer it to a regular pipe and smoke it or is all the THC eliminated by the vaping?

  • Thank you for your inquiry. There will be a left when you used your AirVape X and it will depend on your preference if you would like to re use it or dispose of it.

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