AirVape X review

  • The AirVape X was my first portable vaporiser in years, after having used the Magic Flight a long time ago. Most of my friends already owned Pax devices at this point and couldn't keep raving about them. However I spent an entire week researching various different options, and contrary to all my friends advice, I went for the X. Since day 1 I've been immensely impressed by it and started using it daily (which helped me get rid of my nicotine addiction in the process :))

    In general, I really do love the build form, the compactness, the high it gives as well as the on device temperature indicator along with the physical buttons.

    Unfortunately, after less than a year of usage, the buttons started giving up, and now I can barely turn it on during most days. Another issue I had was that it started overheating pretty fast.

    But despite these small annoyances, I've been a happy user and recommended it to many of my friends.

    I'm looking into buying the Legacy now 🙂

  • @cickero Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We greatly appreciate it!

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