AirVape Legacy Feedback

  • Been a long time user of yall's products. I have had 4 (X, Xs,Go and now Legacy) but have lost 1 due to the charging port breaking. Your product, customer service, and going above and beyond on things like your sales, discounts, and return vape policy has kept me coming back time and time again and now....The Legacy.

    Easily the best version you guys have put out and the long wait paid off in full. Any small inconveniences I've had with your other vapes has been taken care of and ones I didn't even know were issues have been fixed.

    Other units would get hot on the mouthpiece which seemed inevitable based on where the oven was kept. This is no longer a problem - A+

    Airflow was never an issue but with dry herb being kept near the mouthpiece clogging was a potential and you couldn't breath in as strong as you wanted. This has been solved by changing where herb is kept and airflow both below and through a glass tube in the unit - Another A+

    Other things of note that I enjoy. An very quick heat up temp, and an easier time cleaning which was never bad to begin with. Couple that with great look and feel and I love it.

  • Wow thank you for your wonderful feedback! This definitely made our day! Would you be interested in leaving a google review here:!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c2bb70199eed85:0x925cab79796aa58c?

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    We will greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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