Bill B. about the Water-bong attachment
 “amazingly smooth hitting”

  • Bill B.

    I just got my Water Bong attachment for my AirVape X SE and am very well impressed.
    I loved my unit and was very satisfied with my choice.
    The only flaws though only minor was the battery life and the ceramic mouthpiece
    gets a bit hot when doing 5 minute sessions.
    With the water bong the heat problem is gone. I took my harshest hitting CBD flower strain,
    ground fine and it was so amazingly smooth hitting that I was able to take longer hits and
    no hacking and coughing that I was getting without the bubbler.
    Don't know if it is possible but it seems I have more noticeable effects from the CBD.
    Now that I know it works this well "the Bubbler" I am now ready to start vaping waxes, resin,
    crumble, shatter, etc. to cut down the harshness of the strong clouds.
    Thank You AirVape for amazing products!

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