AirVape X, my thoughts

  • I’ve been using my Blue AirVape X since mid April of 2020, about 4 months. (It replaced a new DaVinci MiQro, which neither drew well nor produced vapor well.)

    PROS: The AirVape X draws well, and vaporizes nicely at 360°. I appreciate being able to control the temperature by single degrees. I like that the mouth piece is relatively easy to keep clean - a small dedicated jar of alcohol, a quick rinse in warm water, let dry and it’s good to go - and having a duplicate set of mouthpiece parts makes the process very convenient and efficient. The vape itself is a nice size and shape, and the metal exterior stays nice and clean. I like the idea of the plastic case, and it does a great job of concealing odors.

    CONS: I don’t like that the oven screen needs to be changed once per month - I think smaller herb falls to the bottom of the screen and creates a build-up of resinous material. The only way to clean it is by removing the screen and cleaning the bottom of the ceramic oven with an alcohol dipped q-tip. I know this is needed when I install a clean mouthpiece but the vape will not draw. I don’t like that I need to pay for the stainless steel mouthpiece screens when all I need are oven screens. I don’t like the cheap oven cleaning brush, which needed replacing last month - where does one buy such a thing. The battery needs to be replaceable, having to charge it once a day when I use it only once or twice a day is Inconvenient and easy to forget. I’d prefer to have at least three batteries that can be charged separately from the vape device and easily replaced when needed. I would like the vape to come with an oven-sized scoop, to achieve a consistent dose. The case, while nice, needs a redesign so the vape power button cannot be accidentally turned on when pressed against by other items in a backpack (it sounds like an angry bee heating up in the case).

    I had considered upgrading to the Legacy but after watching a how to clean video realized it requires too much fussing with too many parts to keep it clean.

  • Hi @Leaf We do have replacement screens available. As for the cleaning brush, please give us your email address so our customer service team may reach out to you or you could reach out to us at

  • @bern one other comment: to have the screen utilize technology so it could be read in natural daylight/sunlight. Would e-ink work? Or a reduce glare screen cover? At this time it’s impossible to read.

  • @bern I was hoping to receive a solution/response regarding the purchase of oven screens and cleaning brushes. Will you sell these items separately? Or provide a source from which to purchase same?

  • Thank you for your detailed review! We greatly appreciate it!