AirVape X - Nice while it lasted (7 Months)

  • I was really only prompted to post here because it's an upgrade program requirement.

    I really liked the AirVape X overall, but the power button design has become less and less responsive over time since I bought it in January 2020 - and now doesn't work at all. So I can't say I'm thrilled with the longevity.

    I think a switch with so little movement is going to be prone to this kind of breakdown. I've tried a bit of WD-40 around the edges with a Q-tip and some similar attempts, but it's just not coming back.

  • @myvapebroke We are glad your issue was resolved. Have a great day!

  • Just wanted to follow up that I was sent a new vape. Customer service was great about it.

  • Hi, we are sorry to hear you are having issues but we will be happy to help you with this. May we have your email address so our customer service team will be able to reach out to you?

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