New vaporiser user - First device: AirVape X

  • Air Vape X - new user
    Hello, I am new to vaporisers, have been smoking for over 30 years and decided it's time to stop (better late than never).
    After documenting myself on the web I bought my first "budget" vapo: AirVape X. I wanted to try an affordable one before eventually investing more later in a better device.
    I really like it, it is tiny, discreet, convenient to use and my flowers taste better than ever before.
    Only downside is the battery efficiency, but I carry a charging cable along and don't wait for it to drain totally before charging it again.
    So all in all a positive feedback form me after 2 weeks of using it daily.

  • Hi @ben303 Thank you for your review! It makes us happy when our hard work is appreciated. We will also forward your suggestion to our engineering team. Thanks!

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