Almost 3 years with the AirVape X

  • I’ve had the black X for three years, and this is my feedback.

    The pros:

    -This vape is wonderful to use! Everything about the aesthetic design works so well as a package, from the easy to read display (with the cool startup logo) to the light and thin body of the device (it fits very nicely in my pockets, even with it's odor-proof case on) to the materials and tactile feel of the body/buttons. I'd love to know the process the engineers and designers went through, this is obviously the work of some very clever and thoughtful people.
    -The battery lasts for at least 3 cycles of five minutes (being passed between 2 people), and you can go for even longer if you have it plugged in (though you may not want to, see the cons).
    -Every time I’ve cleaned this vape, the chamber has been easy to empty. Residue buildup is minimal by design, just make sure you don’t grind extremely finely (if your herb is the same particle size as ground coffee, you went too far).
    -A typical chamber full of herb lasts for 2-3 cycles for me, and definitely extracts all the usable vapor; we use the decarbed remains in edibles.
    -In the almost three years I’ve had my AirVape, it’s been problem free. With a freshly cleaned mouthpiece, it’s still very easy to draw with even a somewhat densely packed chamber.
    As far as value goes, I paid $175 and I’d guess I saved at least 10x that much by not smoking out of a pipe. My stash lasts twice as long, and what I vape goes into batches of edibles.
    -Lastly, the smeel from vaping dissipates in a few hours. It’s not as harsh on your lungs as smoking, too. I only regret not buying my AirVape earlier.

    The contra points:
    -Use your AirVape like I do, and it will get Hot. The metal mouthpiece gets too hot to touch with your lips after a minute on the highest setting. Normally I start at 380° and I’ll work my way up to 428° by the third or fourth 5 minute session, so this is only an issue 20% of the time. A silicone cover for the mouthpiece was included, but it’s very small and easy to lose. I found that by keeping the mouthpiece moist while I’m inhaling, the evaporative cooling keeps it usable.
    -The body itself will also get almost too hot to hold if used continuously for 2-3 sessions. Most of the time this is not an issue, but do be aware of this if you’re an absolute vape fiend.
    The vape will shut off if the battery is low and you try to use it while it’s charging. I do wish it charged a bit faster.

    AirVape really proved themselves capable of delivering a sturdy vape with a great user experience. I plan on getting the new Legacy model soon because of the neat features, and passing along my AirVape X to a lucky friend. If you’re on the fence about this one, just buy it. You are getting a great vape, good customer support, and longer-lasting bud for a good price.

  • Thank you for your feedback, suggestions and tips! We greatly appreciate it and we will definitely pass your suggestions to our engineering team! We are proud to say that most of the issues with the X have been corrected with the Legacy so we think you will enjoy the Legacy. Have a great day and stay safe!

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