AirVape X Review after 2 years of use

  • A device that use to attract attention at parties, I've had the device for little over 2 years of use and it's a neat little device.

    -Discreet, small, fits in any pocket, in any backpack
    -Temp control is nice, switching to Celsius took a little googling
    -Odor proof shell
    -Cleaning the unit is easy
    -Smokes cleanly

    -Can only charge with 5v 1a port, or the battery gets damaged and the unit overheats
    -Charging port isn't sturdy
    -The button degrades to pressure over time, I found that after 2 years of use,
    a little pressure applied to the shell from outside sometimes turns the device on.

    Overall a neat little device. Worth the money if you vape regularly no matter what type of flower.

  • Hi @wchang Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We will raise this to our engineering team so they may look into improving the AirVape X. Have a great day and stay safe!

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