Airvape XS

  • I got my Airvape XS in late 2016 early 2017. I've never used a vape for dry herb before but this was highly recommended via an acquaintance who swore by it. I'm happy to report that the Airvape XS has been my daily driver since the day it showed up in my mailbox and I've had absolutely zero problems with it.
    I'm a little sad that this model has been discontinued, but the upgrade program looks to be a pretty sweet deal.
    I emailed customer service about replacement screens for my XS and was redirected to the upgrade program. I had no record of the purchase as the credit card company only had a rundown of purchases going back for 24 months and to register for warranty you need your order number. A very attentive person named Bernadette was able to find my purchase from a few years ago and now I'm all set to explore one of the newer models via the upgrade program. Awesome product and equally awesome customer service. 👍

    Thanks guys!

  • Hi @Nyxet Thank you for your wonderful feedback and we are grateful for your continued support in our product. Thank you for choosing AirVape! Have a great day and stay safe!

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