love my Vape X

  • love the build, the weight and even the font on the little screen is tasteful. Best looking vape imo. get the artists edition it's worth the beautiful color. for the price you get an amazing vape that's a pleasure to useand thoughtfully designed. going to get the legacy but still won't be able to part with this

    *changing the mouthpiece filter is a pain- the rubber part is great until things get a little gummy. then it's easy to clog and the filters kind of hard to take apart and put back together without experience
    *battery life
    *needs a bit more of a cooling path for the vapor

  • @cusamo17 That is a great suggestion! We will also be raising this to our engineering team to see if there is a possibility to change the design to make it easier for our customers. Thank you so much.

  • If you love your X and want to keep it, try a few modifications like the silicone sleeve, wooden mouthpiece, and rearranging the filters. I needed more airflow and the air box wasn't doing it for me after several uses. Constantly removing the silicone part of the airbox began to wear it out. So...I removed the air box and the metal screen and put in one of the spare oval mesh screens leaving the air box area blank. I also place another mesh screen on top of my product after filling to help contain it and prevent the mouthpiece screen from clogging prematurely. I have used many devices and find despite ALL of them having airflow issues, the Airvape X is the easiest to deal with.

  • Thank you for this feedback! We greatly appreciate it! Would you like to try the Legacy? Most of the issues you mentioned are corrected on the Legacy, it even has a replaceable battery.

  • @buffpuff I have the same experience with my X. I think its a great product overall, but it heats up a bit too much on the outside.
    The Legacy solved these issues for me, so now, when I want a slim vape on the go, its the X, when I want one that never overheats (literally, I tried it for like an hour continuous use), and so, the battery is also lasting forever.

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