My Legacy is broken HELP

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    Got my Legacy a couple of weeks ago and it was working fine until it wasn't
    When I turn it on it just heats up a little and stops
    What am I doing wrong???????

  • @Chris_927 You're on demand mode. I have had similar problem but you just got to remember that tiny airvape logo. If it is present its on demand mode, if it is not there then its on demand mode.

  • @Douchebag27 Try a bit lower temps and be careful on the draw...more air increases the heat just like blowing on a flame without the flame!! 🙂 If you're used to ceramic chambers, the Legacy is different and takes some getting used to.

  • It was the on demand mode:))))) all is good now, back at blowing clouds 😉

    Thank you!!!!!!

  • Did anybody encounter the Legacy toasting the herb too much? I like that it, actually takes the most out of the herb, so I enjoy it, its a big step from joints and my pipes, but wondering if I am using it correctly or what is the best way to use it?

  • Hello @Chris_927,

    Thank you for reaching out, I'd be happy to be help you solve your issue with your Legacy.
    Having looked at the picture you uploaded I am pretty sure that your unit is not defective but in ON-Demand mode.
    The On-Demand function is turned on or off by pressing the Up and Down buttons together.
    Once this function is activated you will notice the Airvape Logo (propeller) will disappear from the display and it will only show the temperature, also it will only heat (and show the propellers) when and while the power button is pressed.
    Please try pressing the Up/Down simultaneously and see if this changes the mode and resolves the issue.
    Let me know if you have any more questions!


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