Customer Service

  • Much is discussed here about this vaporizer and that problem. I am a life-long customer service professional and fairly new vaper, so I can tell you a couple of truths about Airvape. First of all, their products are top notch despite what the other companies say. I've tried many brands and have happily settled on Airvape products because I won't be throwing them away after a few months. I have a box of cheap devices I cringe to deal with. However, and there's ALWAYS a 'however' in life, NOTHING is perfect, even an Airvape product, which brings me to the second reason for sticking with Airvape...the customer service. Their products are top notch, but if they fail you, customer service will NOT!!! So, if you have a problem, DO NOT give up on Airvape. If you're so blessed, you might even get to interact with one of their shining stars; Bernadette. I believe she is at the wheel at customer service all the time, so feel free to send her anything. She will set you back on course, for sure! Don't buy stuff from China or Germany. Buy American and get help from Americans!!

  • Hi @cusamo17 Thank you so much for your feedback! We are happy that our hard work and our customer service team's work is being appreciated. This makes us want to work harder for our valued customers. Thank you for making our day!