Legacy Micro-Basket Issues

  • I've had it for a week or so...And so far no big issues. The Micro Basket is pretty and all but doesn't do anything for vapingwith this unit!
    Like others have noted the lid doesn't close all the way. Which personally I wouldn't care but it seems that it effects use of the vaporizer itself.

    Tried using the basket several times and it's not vaporizing the material in the basket. This is with higher temps used and many, many pulls.
    Tried differ sized "material" and how tightly it was packed.

    Nothing made a difference so far!

    This is my 2nd vaporizer, the first was the XS Go. Can you tell me what's the deal with on demand heating?

    Can you give examples of why you would want to use it.?.

  • The microdosing basket is the wrong size. It sticks up too high and causes the Legacy to break the air-tight seal and therefore produces not vapor.

    Will Airvape be making new ones that fit and send them out to early adopters?


  • Thx! It does seem to work better for me alone, with the On Demand.
    Your right on the size and shap of the micro basket is off. It will only burn the material in the "nipple" at the bottom, the rest just sits there.
    So basically they need a new design, not just lopping the top off is going to fix the issues.

  • @WhiteNgt I'm just here for the discount offer if I leave feedback. Anyway here is my 50 cent, the on-demand mode gives a quick inhalation while simultaneously pressing the power button. In short, it only heats up when pressing the power button and dies down when releasing the button rather than continuously burning the herbs. It's actually an interesting vape and only a handful of vape offers both modes on one device. Looking forward to future vape that this company is going to offer.

  • @WhiteNgt The micro dosing basket does not work. It is not the proper size, so the lid won't close and the airflow is messed up.

    For me, On demand is the best way to use the Legacy. On demand is a mode...
    In on demand mode, the heater is on only when you are pushing the button. With the fast heat up time this is very convenient... Push the button and start to draw whenever you want... it will vibrate when it gets to the max temperature that you set. Let go of the button whenever you want.

    It is better than session mode because you can control your hits. Big or small as you prefer. And the heater is not on all the time.

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