Airvape Legacy doesn’t vibrate anymore

  • The vibration function stopped working today on my Legacy. It has worked just fine up to now. It’s not a big deal, but I liked being able to get a buzz when i turned it off, now I have to actually look to make sure its off.

  • @prisonbusdad said in Airvape Legacy doesn’t vibrate anymore:
    Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the vibration issue. Is your unit fully charge before use? Please make sure that your device is fully charged, sometimes when the battery is very low, the vibration feature may temporarily stop. Also, due to the heating of some parts, it may get warn and expand. Basically the vibration motor gets stuck between the housing and the inside elements. We recommend the charging unit completely, then remove the mouthpiece and the battery. Then gently tap/bump the bottom of the device on your other hand to shake that part and release any stuck parts. If you are still getting the same issue with the device, please contact us at for further assistance. Thank you and have a great day ahead!

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