I have a defective Legacy.

  • What are my options?

    The device is way too hot and combusts or chars unless I turn the heater off before charring starts... at temps of 325 to 380.

    As I said in another post... calibration seems off.

    Airvape – will you replace or explain to me how to calibrate?

  • Hey, Phil! I tried the Legacy, too and found it to be a bit too much for my use, too. Get the X. It is a die hard performer. Add the wooden tip and silicone sleeve and you'll be happy! Best for flower.

  • Hello @PhilB, Thank you for letting us know about this. Your feedback helps us get better. We are looking into this issue and hope to resolve it promptly and accurately. I have reached one of our representatives regarding this matter and please expect an email within today to further assist you with this. If you have any more questions or concerns, please reach us at cs@airvapeusa.com. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the evening!

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