Airvape X feedback

  • Bought the Airvape X a bit under three years ago, and have used it multiple times daily since, and it still works rather well. Battery has somewhat degraded, but I am still able to have around two vape sessions before the battery dies after really extended use. The LCD screen is really nice, the buttons haven't broken or fallen off, the shell itself is very robust and has endured a lot of falling -- if you want a vape that isn't going to break I think the Airvape X is super durable. Takes a little while for the chamber to heat up now, but for first ~1.5 years it would heat up in 20-30 seconds which is pretty good. All in all a product I was very satisfied with, and I have recommended friends towards Airvape in the past because of how much I've enjoyed this device.

    I also purchased the water pipe accessory (which unfortunately I recently broke by knocking it off my desk) and it worked very well and gave a pleasant experience, and was an accessory I was able to use with other devices as well. If you enjoy your airvape this is a really good accessory imo and I recommend it

  • Hi @vert90 Thank you for your detailed feedback! We have been collecting common issues with the AirVape X and we send these information to our engineering team so we can correct and make improvements with our future products. We greatly appreciate you taking time into posting this feedback! Have a great day and stay safe!

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