I have the AirVape X and the Go models...which one is next ?

  • I love my airvapes but it is sadly time to upgrade which one does everyone like ? Thank you

  • Hi @Moose760 and @cusamo17 Thank you for appreciating our efforts and hard work. We will do our best to be consistent with the products we release. 🙂

  • @Moose760 I agree. If you like the X, get another. If you're just caught in the 'I gotta have a new device' craze, then take your chances and throw your time and money at companies and products NOT focused on sustainability. Even their packaging including the bubble wrap my replacement tip came in is biodegradable!! thanks Airvape...and Bernadette!!!

  • @ilsunbum6 I like the X and the Legacy. Both units are great, but are distinctly different. If you already have an X and want to try something fresh and unique, grab yourself a Legacy. If you want to roll with what you already love and enjoy, pick up another X. You cannot go wrong with either unit.