AirVape XS GO feedback

  • Just got my XS GO, love it so far haven't had any problems yet. Thinking about upgrading to a legacy.

  • @cusamo17 Thank you for your honest and detailed feedback! We could also use some of your suggestions so we can send it to our engineer to make make adjustments on our future products. 🙂

  • My wife and I BOTh have the XS Go AND the X. She uses hers for tobacco. I HAD the Legacy, but found it to be a bit too much for my use. I mainly use flower herb and I've learned the Legacy, though designed for multiple product, has engineering worked in to accept concentrates better. Sure, there is a concentrates pad that comes with the XS Go and The Airvape X, but they are too big for the hole and get stuck. I DID try a small amount of concentrate in my X on top of some flower, but the oil still tends to soak into the ceramic bowl which isn't a real good thing. If you like the XS Go for flower, you'll LOVE the X too! Add the wooden tip and silicone sleeve and you'll be ecstatic! If you are using more concentrates, then I recommend the Legacy. Make sure you get the updated concentrate disk.

  • Hi! @babab00eeyy9 Thank you for your feedback and patronage! We greatly appreciate it!

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