Air Vape X Feedback

  • I'm going to start with my cons for the X:
    I'm roughly 1.5 years in with my Air Vape X, and while I noticed a change in the amount of charge the battery held, I could make enough adjustments to my routine to get around it. Last night was the first time where, right off the charge cable, I wasn't able to make it through an entire session. One other minor con is the bowl is a bit hard to clean.

    However, in this 1.5 years with my X, I find myself preferring vaping over any other consumption method. The device feels solid. I'm currently going to look into the upgrade program to see whether I'm picking up a Legacy or just getting a new battery for the X.

    BTW, I am able to EASILY look past the cons of this device based on what I've read about the company and it's programs, but also my interactions. Had a shipping issue (not Airvape's fault) where an accessory took a tour of Europe before ending up with me in Canada. The customer service agent that answered my email made me feel heard, despite me just wanting to share a laugh (Thank you, Giselle)

  • Hi @Pikuin Thank you for your wonderful feedback and for choosing to stay with us despite what happened. We appreciate your time in posting this and will do our best to help you with your upgrade needs. We will also send your feedback to our engineering team for future developments. 🙂

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