Airvape X experience vs Pax 3 vs Dynavap

  • So I’ve had my airvape x for a few months now. Initially I had found it through an web ad but found it interesting. I picked the blue color. Unfortunately, the color you see on the webpage is not the color of the actual device. On the page, the blue looks like it’s a dark navy blue, but in reality, it’s a shiny bright blue. Almost neon. I wasn’t too much of a fan of the color but welp it’s just color.
    Using the device however has been a really pleasant experience. The device is small enough to carry easily and the oven is just the right size. I also love the way you can see your temperature on the screen. I also bought the water piece they sell on the site and together makes a good combo. Be warned though, the glass rolls easily. Broke one within the first month. Had to order another.
    So after I bought this device on sale I thought, hey I should buy some other vaporizers. To be quick to the point, the airvape x has been a better experience than the pax 3 or dynavap. The pax 3 can give amazing results but it’s really finicky when it comes to loading the bowl. Do it wrong, and it will mess you bowl up. The airvape is more forgiving. Packing it loosely or tight gives great results regardless. I also got the dynavap for its unique qualities but to be honest, a battery powered vape is a much easier experience. The quality on the dynavap is on par with quality from the airvape, but in a few seconds the bowl is cold.
    My only complaints on the airvape would be the ease of cleaning. It tends to be a chore to have to break every small piece apart to clean gunk. Cleaning the bowl itself is also difficult to clean since it’s permanently attached inside. Also, the battery is a bit small. Usually, a full charge will last about 4 sessions which is okay, but I can get better time with other vapes.
    Overall, I’ve been extremely with the airvape. I ended up buying those other vapes completely forgetting the Apollo company made the legacy. Like darn it, I should have bought that first. But I hope I can participate in the upgrade program so I can get my hands on one to try it out.

  • Hi @azdude123 Thank you so much for your detailed feedback and we'll be sure to send your suggestions to our engineering team for future advancements on our products. ❤

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