Testing Out The AirVape X Temps

  • Without reading the threads before this one, what temperatures do people like? What is the reason for your choice? I keep mine at 390, but I always feel like Iā€™m not getting all I can out of the AirVape X. I appreciate all of your answers.

  • Hi @jeepe99 Thank you for your inquiry. If you would like to see more vapor being produced, grind the herb (not too fine) with a 2 layer grinder prior to packing the chamber. Pack the chamber tightly, then set the temperature at 420F for more visible smoke but please keep in mind that vaporizing is also eliminating 90% of the smoke, please don't expect a huge smoke cloud compared to when you are burning the herbs. Personally, I keep it as 390F as well. Hope this helps. šŸ™‚