Anyone have issues with the Airvape X power button sticking?

  • I have had my X for almost a year now. Recently the power button feels as though its sticking. It no longer makes a clicking sound and doesn't feel as though it moves when pressed. It is still functioning but obviously something is broken or damaged. Is this a normal issue? I've contacted Airvape to discuss the warrant but they seem to be implying this is normal wear and tear. I'm a bit disappointed because I feel like this issue shouldn't be happening to begin with, let alone within the first year. I'm a bit hesitantly to purchase another Airvape device because of this now.

  • @LiveLifeNVape the device does still power on/off when the button is pushed. There was 1 incident when the button seemed to have been stuck. I had to push it a couple extra times and it eventually powered on. I have already discussed the issue with customer service.

  • Hello @tjanzjanz,

    Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that you are getting this issue with the device. To further assist you, I have a few questions to better assist you, may we know if you were able to turn it on/off without the clicking sounds? Does the power button still respond when pressed?

    You can also send us an email at for further assistance. Happy Holidays!

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