Long term Airvape X review

  • I own 3 units and recommended two other friends to buy them. I first own the XS and loved it. I then upgraded to the X and got two. Additionally, I recommended two friends who bought the X also.

    The X's had been my daily driver and they had been great with a few minor issues. One of them got sticky button after about 3 years of daily usage. It still works but I could not turn it off once it's on; however, once it had cooled down, I could turn it back on again. Beside that, as everyone knows, the battery runs out fast, but that is to be expected for such a portable device that fits in your jean's pocket.

    I'm about to upgrade to the Legacy. Can't wait to give it ago.

  • Thank you @perring23 for your feedback and we are happy to inform you that most of the suggestions for the X was taken into consideration when making the Legacy. We know you will be happy with the new Legacy and we would like to thank you for your patronage! Have a happy holiday! 🙂

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