Honest review of a first-time vaper AirVape X (and 2 questions)

  • So I finally received my AirVape X and vaped my first flower yesterday for the first time.


    • The flavor is FANTASTIC. It's a fully different experience than smoking a joint, more healthy that I knew already but the TASTE, oh my! It's lovely!
    • The ease of use. So simple, for someone like me who never vaped before it's a given.
    • The accessory that come with are great! The tweezers and the brush, I don't really care about the case because I don't think I'll ever take that vape out of my place (more on that in CONS).
    • The potency! It feels that I'm getting way much higher with a smaller quantity and in a much shorter period of time. Now that an investment that will help me save some money in time!


    • The mouth-piece becomes SO HOT at the end of a 3 mn session only, I'm afraid of burning my lips!... is that even normal?!
    • I was ready for a poor battery life reading about it but come'on... it doesn't even stand FULL 3 sessions! It turned off before the end of my 3rd session that's worse than mediocre, to the point of where if I even consider upgrading to the Legacy I wouldn't even do so if it wouldn't be to stand AT LEAST 5 sesh... come'on. It's not too bad for me because I want to use if only in my apartment and not for traveling but still, it's worse than what I thought.
    • The time required to charge the battery, which is linked to the previous point, is atrocious. Feels like a minimum of 2 hours for a full charge, and we can't even use the device unless the battery is at least at 2 bars of charge, which requires to wait a looooong time.


    • How am I supposed to cleanly store my accessories? Those are great once again, but come in a temporary plastic protection. Do you have any suggestions for someone like me who know nothing about taking care of vape thingies? 🙂
    • Is my experience normal? Or were my expectations too high?

    All-in-all I'm very happy with this product and I can't wait for my friends to try it, they may jump in the wagon too! Thanks for having designed such a great product, my lungs are happier! 😄

  • Hi @Kronosm, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience using the Airvape X. Those are mad observations by the way, and I'll be glad to answer some of your inquiries.

    For the hot mouthpiece, yes that is correct and you can also use the rubber mouthpiece cover if you wish to do strong hits. The battery should last at least 20 minutes with continuous vaping, and that's 4 sessions of 5 minutes and/or 7 sessions of 3 minutes. If you are not getting this, please contact our customer support team at cs@airvapeusa.com.

    When charging the unit, we recommend using a 5-volt charger (kind of like the iPhone charger) or attach the device to your laptop or computer for at least an hour to get a full battery. Using high voltage chargers and charging the device for long periods may damage the battery over time.

    Regarding storing the accessories, you can store them in a separate container as long as it is dry and readily accessible.

    Also, do not forget to register the device for warranty, by going to the link below:

    Lastly, thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review. We are thrilled that you loved your air vape x device and thanks for your kind words!

  • OK so I think I discovered why the mouthpiece becomes burning hot. It's because I pull too hard!

    As a noob I had to discover how to gently draw without forcing, the mouthpiece still becomes hot toward 2:30+ but it's still kinda ok compared to my first time.
    I hope it could be useful for other newcomers: don't draw like crazy! You may not feel anything coming in your lungs but it's there, take your time, take some breaks. ^^

    Also, I've found my favorite temperature consumption to be 400°F (205°C).

    Now honestly I don't think I'll ever smoke cannabis ever again if I can just vape it instead. I discovered a full range of flavors and a delightful aftertaste like honey and milk, it's incredible. It's a very new sensual pleasure in life I didn't expected aside the high obviously.