Airvape Legacy issues

  • I have had my Legacy a few months now and I love It! However I do have a few issues, mostly dealing with build quality.

    1. Vibrator cuts out/stops working. The fix is easy, just rap it unit with your knuckle and it will loosen up. Very minor issue that should be addressed in an updated unit
    2. small gold filter stuck. I have been unable to remove the small gold filter. I have tried many times, it looks like it was jammed in too hard during manufacture. I clean the filter the best i can, I'm worried about build up behind the filter.
    3. Temperature sensor is wonky. When I'm using the unit and manually turn off the device, when I turn it back on the heater will behave like the temp. is what it was when I shut down. For example in On Demand mode I have the unit set for 350. I will do a short session and instead of letting the unit shut down by itself, I shut it down. The next time I turn it on it starts heating up from a temp of 300-330 and the heater will only run for about 5 seconds. If I let the unit shut down, the next start up is at the ambient temp and takes 15 seconds to heat up.
      This seems like a bigger issue. I have learned to be more aware of the temp. when using the Legacy.
      I really do love the Legacy, I also own an XS and an XSGO, so I am all in with Airvape!

  • @starkows Same here and can vouch for that pesky issue. I bought the Legacy and love it. Two week barely passed and the latch broke. I'm hoping to get a new replacement. I also own a two year old Airvape X and going strong other then the power button having loss the tactical response but no biggy so long as it works. Hopefully a better material will be used so that the latch will last longer.

  • @prisonbusdad

    Yeah the little goldish filter by the bowl does need to be cleaned. It can be somewhat difficult to remove and reinstall but not that bad really.
    If you can’t get it out with “responsible” force try this…

    Get the pick, that fits in the plastic door and use that instead of the tweezers. For me it’s easier but whatever works for you.
    There are a couple of slots on each side of the filter, stick it in there.
    Then just go for it, it will probably bend and you might even need to replace it but they offer replacements so no biggie.

    Also clean inside underneath very good. What I have found that works well is a pointed q-tip. They are online, I think ppl use them for cosmetics even.
    Just put some alcohol on the q-tip and it comes clean fairly well.
    Just make sure you have a replacement filter before trying just in case! 😉

  • @LiveLifeNVape I bought a new legacy I love it! the only problems encountered to date its a daily driver so to speak lol After I bought mine my neighbor bought two of them. Then my daughter in-law purchased two also. Everyone uses there's daily they work far better than any other we have seen. The troubles magnets fall off the doors as well as emblems. If you find them a hot glue gun has worked perfect on all no further issues. The battery doors however the latching mechanism on the battery cover latches break off they are molded plastic the only time you need to remove them is to use your extra battery or cleaning. If you clean daily or once a week they will break as they are not a positive latch only plastic tab. The cover can not be purchased online. I called they promptly replaced mine however I am sure as the plastic gets older the same thing will happen. Maybe they will redesign this in the future I hope so.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @LiveLifeNVape I am having this exact same issue with the temperature control. If I shut the device off, when I turn it on it shows a high temperature and I can't get any vapor, yet it still seems to cook somehow. When I leave it charging overnight, the temperature resets and the device works again.
    When it works I love it but it's immensely frustrating and inconsistent.

  • Hi @prisonbusdad, you are always welcome! Feel free to send it to us at your most convenient time. For the emblem, you may use super glue or 502 glue to stick the logo back onto the door compartment. We have also notified our engineering team regarding this matter so that a stronger glue would be used in the next batch. Have a great day ahead and Happy New Year!

  • Hi, Thank you for your quick reply! I will make a video and get that to you. As for the filter, I have tried everything to get that filter out. To me it looks like it was inserted too hard, it looks like the filter is a little bent in the middle.
    One other extremely minor thing, the logo doesn’t stay attached to the cover, it simply pops out on its own.
    None of these issues are a deal breaker and i am quite happy with the unit, and i just want to help improve it

  • Hi @prisonbusdad, thank you for your review. I’m sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience, but I really appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. I'll try my best to help!

    For the vibration, please make sure that the unit is fully charged, sometimes when the battery is very low, the vibration feature may temporarily stop. Also, due to the heating of some parts, it may get warm and expand. Basically, the vibration motor gets stuck between the housing and the inside elements. To get this fix, please fully charge the device then remove the mouthpiece and the battery. Then gently tap/bump the bottom of the device on your other hand to shake that part and release any stuck parts.

    To remove the golden disc at the bottom of the chamber, since there are three side holes on the said disc, please use the picking tool and pick up the disc in a rotating motion.If done right, the disc will pop out of the chamber.

    Lastly, regarding temperature control, we may need to get a close look at it. Will you be able to provide us a video of the said issue that you are getting with the device? The video will then be forwarded to the relevant department for further assistance. Please forward it to with the subject "Legacy Issue: Temperature Control". Once you have sent the video, a representative will reach out to you within 24 hours. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to contact us any time from 9 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday to Friday. Enjoy the rest of the days and Happy Holidays!

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