Upgrades for Legacy

  • I just thought of something that could make a great upgrade for the Legacy. A reusable (or disposable) pre-pack pod. A pod that fits into the chamber and can be filled in advance. The pod could be sold in bundles of 5 or 10, so a person could “load up” for a night on the town without worrying about finding a place to empty and repack, just pop out one pod and throw in another. Making these user fill able would bring even more freedom to Legacy users.

  • This is a GREAT idea. I would definitely buy these. One other suggestion is to redesign the small oval airpath opening to a round one. When cleaning and replacing the screen the oval one can fall in if it's slightly misaligned. A round screen would completely solve this.

  • @prisonbusdad Oh wow! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, this would look like a great addition to the airvape fam. Would you be able to provide us videos or photos of the said accessory and how you use it? I'll be sure to forward this to our engineering team. Please send it to aki@airvapeusa.com. Again thank you for sharing, we really appreciate it! Have a blessed new year and enjoy the rest of the day!

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