Loving the Legacy, but it has its drawbacks versus the X

  • Things I love:

    1. The battery lasts a very long time, and is removable, so if you have an extra, you are always ready to go
    2. The draw is much better than the X, and the vape tastes better IMO

    Things that could be improved:

    1. It is harder to load than the X - it really should come with a funnel to keep the flower from spilling out into the space around the chamber. I made my own makeshift funnel from cardboard, which helps.
    2. It sometimes heats unevenly, and scorches the bud. The new filter they added helps with this. You just have to be more careful with how you draw than with the Airvape X, in my experience.

  • Hi @pfunk420 Thank you for the detailed feedback! We will definitely send your feedback to our engineering team so we can look into making improvements to help you with these concerns.

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