Bought an XS Go, wish I could throw it at the idiots that designed it.

  • Whoever designed the XS go in the way that they did should be thrown into a trash compactor, because sticking two bricks in front of the sub-pinhole-sized mouthpiece from behind so it's impossible to clean is just stupid.

    There's no other way to say it. It's actually just bad design. People who don't give a shit and don't care that they're wasting 90% of their product because it's getting gunked up on the sides of the mouthpiece will be like "Yeah whooo, great product, makes clouds and I feel high, yeaaaaaah".

    Then you have people like me who are here because I have a medical condition and have to rely on pieces of shit like this in order just to get my medication.

    I have a broken spine, two slipped disks, narrowing of my spine itself towards my lower back, and nerve damage in my legs. This medication is what keeps me sane throughout the day, day in and day out. That means I have to have something reliable, easy to use, something that has clear instructions for cleaning, ect.

    The airvape XS is none of those things. It came out of the box missing a filter, was just loose in the box, rattling around inside. The box was sealed, so what I assume is that I got a refurbished piece, despite their claims that they do no such thing, I really have no reason to believe them. The design is just so slapdash and "form over function" that I have to believe that they never even tested it. I REFUSE to believe these idiots tested anything because EVERY experience I have had with this piece of plastic has been a bad one.

    If you've got a minute, then let me run you down on how bad the experience has been.

    It came out of the box loose. No supports or anything like that. Watching other unboxings, I've seen that there's supposed to be some cardboard holding it stable. That was gone, the package was still sealed, everything was still inside.

    It was completely dead, despite the instructions saying otherwise. I plugged it in, and no lights came on. The battery was COMPLETELY dead. Not even the bottom-most charging light. I had to leave it charging for a full day (And thus was completely unable to take any of my medication that entire day) just to get it halfway charged. Now it charges from 1 bar to 5 in about 3 hours, plugged into my computer. There was no charger outside of the USB cable. Either have to buy one yourself, or if you don't have a computer or other USB 2.1 compatible device, you just can't charge it. There's NO wall charger.

    Finally get around to using it, and the instructions told me to pack it tight. Do not do this. This causes damage to both the machine and just causes you to not be able to taste or enjoy your hit. The airflow comes from the bottom up to the mouthpiece. Block that off and you get nothing. So you have to both pack it INCREDIBLY tight but also scratch a small hole or something in the side just so it can pull at all.

    Then, FINALLY, after almost a day and a half of no medication, I take three puffs, the cannabis is burned black, I feel almost nothing, and check the temperature. Think, "ok. Maybe I had it too high. Let's drop down to the middle." because to be fair, feeling how light the vape was, I figured it was hollow. It feels SO cheap. Like if you were to drop this onto anything but carpet? It's shattering into a million pieces. It's brittle, cheap plastic and some metal parts inside. Not much else.

    So, I try heating it at half power. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happened. Like it sat there, flashed the light on the appropriate notch (which means it was heating.) and then when it turned solid, I tried to pull again. Nothing. Not even a smell. I opened the mouthpiece and it's solid green.

    "Ok," I thought, "Let's turn it up one more notch then, 400 degrees." And that caused it to smoke slightly, but pulling was EXTREMELY hard. Like you had to go down on this thing like you're a gold digger in order to pull ANYTHING and even then it's such a light flow that you taste and feel nothing.

    So I took it apart, found out that there was no screen in place over the mouthpiece, (The one in the box is marked as a spare, not as the one you have to install BEFORE USING. there is NOTHING IN THERE ABOUT HAVING TO INSTALL ANYTHING BEFORE USING, NOR ANY CLEANING DIRECTIONS OTHER THAN "USE THE BRUSH".

    So now I'm sat here, having taken maybe 5MG of my medicine over 3 days when I'm usually taking 6 10mgTHC/0.5CBD pills a DAY for it. I couldn't take a SINGLE DOSE OF MY USUAL MEDICINE before it gummed up so bad, so now I'm unable to clean between the plastic lego bricks they put in the mouthpiece between the holes and the "filter" slot . It might as well be bricked.

    It's been nothing but a series of shitty experiences with airvape. Looking at the forums, I see I'm not the only one. It seems like most of these are complaints and people constantly having to tell them not to make terrible products.

    Granted, it's on me because I didn't do my full research. I had to buy it on a whim because my usual medication was out of stock, but at $60 it's still not a throwaway purchase. I keep seeing the fake-ass hipster pictures they're posting, but what they really need to do is put a picture of the XS GO and just lazily throw it ontop of a JPG of a royalty free image of a dumpster. That would be more fitting and more accurate advertisement than them pretending to care.

    Had I looked into it, I would have told them at the dispensary that they're jipping people with the vape and to find another brand to partner with, and I will when I go today, almost having been a week since I've been able to take my medication due to this companies negligence.

    Airflop, hope your company goes down in flames, and all of your BS hipster designers end up homeless. It's what scum like you deserve for taking peoples money and giving them actual trash in return, then making it so that I have to be OKAY WITH YOU SELLING MY INFORMATION in order to post a review or complaint.

    I mean, I'm smart enough to use a burner email for companies like this, due to their shady practices, but damn. I kinda wish I knew exactly who ran this company so If, by random chance, I happened to meet one, I could just throw the vape at their head as hard as I could. It wouldn't do any harm. The thing is so "chinese-cheap" that it would shatter on impact. But It'd sure make me feel better.😡

  • @Zed We are sorry if that is how we made you feel and we are more than willing to work with you on this matter. One of our customer service representative already replied to your email and we hope we can work together to be able to come up with the best solution possible.

  • Your little comment of "Contrary to what our other customers say" is really telling of the problems with your product.

    First off, there's LOTS of complaints here on this board alone, as well as all over reddit and other review websites. The XS GO is widely considered a "Ok first step but go buy a real one ASAP." vape in the eyes of the majority of people (IE: The ones you don't seem to listen to.).

    Secondly, if your engineering team was so incompetent that they put plastic blocks in front of the airflow holes in a machine made to vape substances that can cause ANY sort of buildup, I don't really have any faith in them to improve.

    Third, keep your mock pity. I've seen the way the Customer service treats people on here and I'm not buying the sweet talk. You'll be getting an email from me, alright.

  • Hi @Zed Thank you for raising this to our attention and we will definitely send your feedback to our engineering team so they may use it as reference for future developments. We are surprised that you've had many issues with it contrary to what our other customers say about this unit. We would love to help you out if you are willing to provide the best email address to contact you or if you are willing to send us an email at We hope we can work with you on getting a resolution so you would not have to go another day without your medication. We will be waiting for your response. Thank you.