Airvape X pros and cons

  • My blue Airvape X is beautiful and just the right size. It heats well and allows an excellent amount of flexibility in the amount of herb loaded. The flexibility of the timer and temperature control are great as well, and the device is super easy to clean. I have had my Airvape X for over a year now and now see some cons: battery life (duh) is low. The buttons on front have no more “push” to them - I just touch them now and that triggers things, but it makes me worry that it will stop working altogether. It apparently turns itself on when stored (inside the smell-proof case), because when I store it during the week fully charged, when I open the case on Friday, the battery is fully depleted already. It also tends to get clogged during a session. Some way to keep the little bits from clogging up the black filter would be helpful. It’s definitely better with the wooden mouthpiece (just get rid of the ceramic one already!). I still love the device and am now interested in trying the Legacy. I just wish the Legacy came in a pretty blue or a dark purple or even a lilac color. Something pretty and feminine. And I am not clear whether the Legacy also has a smell-proof case.