#Legacy Low Vapour

  • I received my new Legacy yesterday. Although it is a beautifully made device it falls way short in its function. It produces next to no vapour ( even at high temps) and literally no vapour below 195c. As a medical user I cannot vape at high temperatures.
    Very very disappointed. Too much gimmick and not enough functionality.

  • @PokerMonkey I have several vapes and lots of experience using them. I have tried everything to get this vape to function. Nothing works, it is absolutely and completely useless. I am now stuck with a very expensive but useless device which does not do anything near what it’s supposed to. Worst vape I’ve ever used. Very pretty but useless. Will try to sell it rather than lose almost £200.

  • Little to no vapor production could be the result of many different issues, including the nature of the dry herb (fineness of grind, water content, loose or tight pack, etc.). If you have produced vapor with your herb using a different vaporizer, then the problem may be with how you are using the Legacy or the Legacy itself may be defective. Since the Legacy can be operated in two different modes - Session or On-Demand, be sure that you are achieving and holding your desired temp. Also, you should contact Airvape Customer Service if there is an issue with defective product.

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