I do not like the AirVape XS Go

  • I had high expectations of the AirVape XS go. I was really looking forward to having a compact, portable, discreet way to utilize my dry herb as I have a medical card, and some of my caregivers are not so open minded. There was no way to use dry herb while they were around because my house would getting stinky using conventional ways. I cconvinced my husband I needed to buy this device so I could use my ground flower and it wouldn't stink up the house. Several problems:

    1. It says pack it tight. Don't. Otherwise you're going to have airflow problems
    2. It is incredibly difficult to take a pull from this device. You have to pull extremely hard for anything to come out
    3. If you get flower pre-ground from a dispensary you will have to grind it even more to work well in this vape. My vape did not like regular old ground up flower, oh no it had to be ultra super fine.
    4. It takes forever and ever to charge
    5. It has a very short battery life, maybe an hour of using it on and off
    6. The mouthpiece does not secure onto the device!! I had it in my pocket and pulled it out and the mouth piece had come off on its own!
    7. The burnt herb that comes out of the vape looks nothing like smoked herb so you have to get used to that
    8. The "vape" smells and taste like crap, but perhaps this is true of all dry herb vaporizers

    So really what I'm looking for is a portable, High efficiency, less fuss, don't need to grind my herb into a fine dust of a powder before using, and has a longer battery life. This one I feel is way too picky and the fact that I don't get a good pull drives me nuts.

  • Hello @snroch, thank you for bringing this to our attention, we really appreciate it! Not to worry, looks like a representative is currently assisting you with this matter, you are in good hands! Enjoy the rest of the day and have a great weekend ahead!