Time for an upgrade from my X - feedback

  • Very much enjoyed my time with the AirVape X, but longevity and convenience issues have brought that time to a close.

    Poor thing's battery can't chug through a single unplugged session anymore without throwing a Low Power error and shutting down. But when I charge it, it'll start from 50%. Battery-checking tech is sketchy at best, even smartphones are mostly using historical data to make forecasts, so it's hard to be too disappointed. But still, without a replaceable battery (hello Legacy) it's a career-ending injury.

    Lord knows I've been rough on the thing, given it a good few drops, but those shocks eventually left the top heater section wobbly on the battery/screen section in a way that tightening the screws couldn't fix.

    Flower, debris, and resin gunk accumulate in the filling face, leaving the magnetic mouthpiece unable to fully seat itself. Anything sufficiently hard to scrape it out has a good chance of scratching the black finish off the body. (I know, I should be using alcohol, but there were a few months there where alcohol was in pretty short supply)

    The rubber gasket on the mouthpiece simply doesn't stand up to repeated heat cycles and the action of removing and replacing the ceramic vapor path for regular cleaning; once it starts fraying or splitting, you run into issues with the mouthpiece not fully seating, with cool air intrusion through the gasket, etc etc. I'm sure it's considered a consumable part, but with so much effort put into the material and design of the little ceramic path insert, it's a shame its home is so underwhelming.

    Basic ceramic mouthpiece gets lip-chappingly hot.

    Replacing the screen inside the heating chamber is a real PITA, and the seam on the chamber wall makes it hard to keep clean, which makes it even harder to replace the screen, which makes it harder to... you see where I'm going. On the other hand, cleaning and reinserting the mouthpiece screen is so simple it's hard to imagine why it's considered a replaceable, consumable part by default along with the chamber screen.

    You know most of the positives, you market them pretty effectively, so I won't waste your time. But one neat thing is that it's light enough, and the mouthpiece magnet is strong enough, to be held up by just my lips if I need two hands for a few seconds and don't need to lift my chin too high, like stirring a skillet real quick. Niche, but a great example of the unintended positives of such a small form factor.

  • Hi @protodan! Thank you for your feedback! We'll be sure to look into this as reference for future product developments!