Discount codes are infuriating.

  • Just bought the legacy 2 ish weeks ago.
    Now they are 20% off? I barely found a 15% code by googling. Than come to find out buried on airvapes site was a coupon for 15% off of purchase and a free water bong or wireless charger for legacy if you buy a new legacy.
    Well fuck me right? Guess I'm to stupid to find the right discount code. Great underhanded sale tactics. Why not just have a spot at checkout that lists the different discount codes to use instead of pissing people off and loosing customers that bought a vape than found out they goy softly fucked in their ass.

  • Hi @amouse. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. We will send this to our marketing head and be sure to check the possibilities of having this option on our website.

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